Have A #PhenomenalDay 

Note from Angelisa Jenae

Sometime in 2016:

How often do we think to ourselves, “What in the world is my life even doing right now?” As if we have no control over what is happening.

I used to wonder this almost every week– every single day even . Not because something bad happened, but because I always wanted to be in control of every outcome. When I couldn’t control a situation I found myself stressed and displaying characteristics of depression or anxiety.

Truth is, I can’t control circumstances, but I can control my emotions to them.

I have challenged myself to NOT focus on the things that I have NO control over.

Instead, my goal is to selfishly chase my definition of happiness daily. Only entertaining the things that make my soul smile.

Any content under this tag, [#phenomentalday ] will feature productive topics that promote smiles and positive vibes.

Join me as I learn the true meaning of happiness.