If you clicked on this page I’ve done one of my jobs right. I’ve intrigued you enough to say. Who is this lady?

Well hi there; I’m Angelisa Jenae or Aj Jenae for short. An average middle class, young and talented American with a degree.

surviving in an overpriced city located in the Bay Area. Armed with faith, a 9-5 job and a tarnished idea of an American dream. Just like the rest of the world?

Trust me. I’ve been there; done that, and did it again.

Just think of me as that friend you go to when you have a question. My hope is that through my trials, successes, and random experiences, you’ll learn something. If nothing else it will be entertaining. Who doesn’t like a good story?

Join me as I escape through the madness in this lifestyle blog. All content is based on my opinions and lots of research.