Meal for 2 less than $28.36

I was inspired to cook something for my friends birthday, but I was low on funds. So I did what any rational human being would do…. I started searching the web. I decided to recreate a surf and turf meal that wouldn’t break the bank.

Here’s what I bought:

Fresh Shrimp (approx. 25 shrimps): $6.83

USDA Beef Top Lion NY Strip Steak Β (Bone in): $7.55

2 lobster tails (Previously Frozen): $13.98

Chopped Garlic: (optional)Β $2.99

Here’s what I had in my fridge

Brussel spouts: $3.49/lb

Spring mix: $2.49

Bag of Potatoes: $2.99

I’m sure I could have gotten these ingredients cheaper, but I ended up spending less than $40.00 for about 4 servings or 2 servings if your really hungry.


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